Dr. Emily Maddison


I'm Emily, the head therapist at Wilkii & Co. My focus is on helping our members develop systems and processes to manage their everyday challenges. This also includes changing mindsets and beliefs. Through CBT-Therapy and coaching, I help you to build up your will power and thrive

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Aaron Ray


I'm Coach Aaron. My passion is working with our members to master their ADHD and relationships with others. I'm married and have ADHD too. One of the greatest challenges I faced was being married to a non ADHD person. I look forward to working with you to grow in your relationships and make improvements.

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Brian Smith


I'm Coach Brian. I work 1 on 1 with our members to master their core 5 and find balance. We all have multi-faceted lives and tend to neglect other parts. To truly live is to find balance and peace. Let's work to live our best life with ADHD.

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Steve Rasher


Hi Wilkii Fam, I'm Coach Steve! As a career coach, I work with our Wilkii members to build winning habits that can be used on the job. From interviewing to workflow systems, I'm here to help you see success in your career.

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Maddie Williams


Hey, I'm Maddie. I'm obsessed with helping our members achieve their goals and dream. I specialize in productivity and systems incorporated with weekly check-ins with our signature ADHD planner. You no longer half to take your journey alone.

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Sarah Miller


Coach Sarah Here! My passion is working with our members to master their ADHD related to personal growth. Life happens for all of us, and how we react and view our experiences is key. With life coaching and guided meditation, I'll prepare you for when life happens.

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